Ada peminat brownies kedut ?? Kalau ada then youre at the right place !! To every sweet tooth in the world you wont miss a chance to taste right? The crunchy moist texture that suits every tastebuds. Heres why you should buy with us :

1. We have varieties brownies such as ChocStack, DoubleDrizzle, StrawberryMeltChoc, NuttyChoc & banyak lagi pilihan.
2. Topping yg anda nak tiada dlm senarai? Dont worry bcs we customize. Boleh bincang deco apa uolls nak :)
3. We produce your fresh brownies everyday ! Selesai place order & set the date kita akan prepare freshly from the oven !
4. We use high quality ingredients to satisfy your cravings.
5. Semestinya halal. Owner is a very sensitive person when it comes to halal food so dont worry Insyaallah :)
6. We serve you a 9'' brownies bersamaan 36pcs bite-sizes. If youre a lazy eater and nak makan potong besar2 pun boleh okayy. Just request untuk potong berapa pcs or no cut at all. You name it, we make it.
7. Double drizzle yang meleleh2 okayy. So far semua customer satisfied with our drizzling (choc deco atas brownies tuu).
8. We do COD's around meru.klang,setia alam,puncak alam,klang,shah alam upon request. (T&C applied)
9. Whatsapp us because were surely available to reply fast.
10. The more you buy the more OFF % you get !! So untuk yang planning event and nak order above 5brownies & more kita boleh bg LESS lagi. (while promo lasts)
11. Kita akan uodate PROMOSI setiap bulan jadi nantikan update dari kami.

We list about 11 REASONS why you should us. So why doubt when all you could do is eat? Contact us for more info :

WHATSAPP : 01133403093
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